For a gift that keeps on giving, try paint

For a gift that keeps on giving, try paint

From Consumer Reports and Concepts In Color:

It might sound crazy, but hear us out. There are plenty of useful gifts—warm gloves, fashionable sweaters, handmade iPad holders—but none your recipient will interact with more regularly than freshly painted walls. Plus, color can truly transform any space. And each time they walk into their new room, they’ll be reminded of you.

Sold? Good. Now, there are some things to think about here. First and foremost, you don’t want to offend your friend or loved one by making it seem like you think their home is ugly. Ideally, they’ll have complained to you recently about how much they hate the color of a room or two. If so, you’re all set. If not, maybe ask some leading questions, such as “Don’t you hate the color of this room?” Just kidding.

Try talking about how much you’d like to redo your space, and see if he or she responds in kind. Next you have to find someone to paint. Color is personal, so we don’t recommend making the actual color selection for them. But we can help you do all the research, figuring out which brand and finish are best, and help you get the project started.

Birthdays, or whenever it is you exchange gifts, think of painting as the hot new idea. Contact Matt for more ideas and info about painting.

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