Exterior Painting Tips List

Matt Kimble - Owner, Concepts In Color, Residential and Commercial Painting

Painting is one of the quickest and least expensive ways to spruce up your home. A fresh coat of paint can change the whole appearance, whether you’re going for a traditional look or trying out a new, creative decorative finish. And with an ever-increasing array of color choices and finishing techniques, your options are endless.

  • When it comes to paint selection, you get what you pay for. Better quality paints give you more square footage per gallon, longer life, easier touch ups and better results.
  • Ask if the company provides color consultation.
  • To keep the exterior looking great, professionals recommend painting every 5-10 years, depending on type of paint used, siding material and weather conditions.
  • Preparation is key – the exterior should be properly washed, scraped (if there is old paint), sealed and windows covered prior to painting.
  • Ask the company whether it uses subcontractors or employees. (Concepts In Color uses Employees and makes sure the job is done right!)
  • Make sure the company is licensed.
  • Ask for a list of recent customer recommendations in your area and drive by to see the work for yourself.
  • Contact  Matt Kimble at Concepts In Color for a free consult about your options when it comes to painting your home.
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3 Comments on “Exterior Painting Tips List”

  1. Great tips! Now that the EPA is enforcing RRP laws, make sure your house is tested for lead based paint if your home was built prior to 1978. Contractors are required to treat your home with extra care to contain lead paint dust.

  2. Hello,
    Excellent tips so shared with us. Nice post indeed.
    As myself being an interior decorator it really helped me a lot. Waiting for your next post.

  3. Great Tips: I have added some text here
    You need not be a professional painter to perform painting project. Although some ambitious people also do exterior painting of them, most of the houses, if they wish to take professional painters, painting the house of their needs. In any case, here are some tips to make painting residential with success.

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