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Exterior Paint Ideas for Contemporary Houses

August 3, 2011

The crisp lines and modern features of contemporary homes often set them apart from more classic residences. While painters can select nearly any colors they want to cover their abodes, some hue selections are more appropriate for these modern structures. When preparing to give your mod home a fresh coat of paint, talk to an expert about some of the options more appropriate for contemporary homes.

Earthy Hues

Many modern homes are designed with the Earth in mind. If your home features an assortment of eco-friendly additions, keep this eco-conciousnes in mind when selecting your exterior paint hues. Choose colors that are as earthy as the eco-friendly features your home contains. For example, paint the majority of the exterior a mossy green, using earthy browns as accents to tie this masterpiece together and show your affinity for all things green.

Two-Tone Painting

Highlight the contemporary features of your home by following a two-tone painting plan. Select two tones that contrast significantly, like white and black, and feature them both on your home for an attention-getting option. For example, paint the majority of your home white and the modern trims in black, making them stand out from the rest of the home and, in doing so, accentuating their individuality.

Metallic Grays

Many modern home designs feature metallic trims in place of the standard wooden ones. If your deck is crafted of metal and your trims are metal beams, accentuate these features by selecting grays to paint the rest of your exterior. Choose a dominate gray a few hues off of the metal accents on the exterior of your home to create the desired contrast and make the metallic trim on your home truly stand out.

Color Pops

Contemporary decorators are often not shy about using color, and the exterior of your home should be no exception. While you likely don’t want to cover your entire home in apple red, featuring this bold-as-can-be hue somewhere on your exterior can set your home apart. For example, painting your front door and garage door with this color, using a color that contrasts well, such as steely gray, on the rest of the home. This choice is particularly appropriate if there is something special about these items you choose to paint so boldly, such as a vivid wood design on your front door.

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Award Winning Project Painted by Matt Kimble and Concepts In Color. Check It Out…

February 6, 2011

26th Street Affordable Housing, Painted by Concepts In Color, Kanner Architects

Winner of both the AIA Honor Award and the AIA National Housing Award

26th Street Affordable Housing in Santa Monica, CA

Painted by Concepts In Color and winner of both the AIA Honor Award and the AIA National Housing Award, 26th Street Affordable Housing is the product of an exhaustive community outreach mission.

In addition to input from the city of Santa Monica and the community at large, the final colorful design takes into account the region’s mild climate, historical precedents of Southern California Modernist architecture, and the human scale of residents and pedestrians. The design of the 44-unit apartment building incorporates dual-glazed and laminated windows along both street-facing sides to eliminate street noise. (continued here)

26th Street Low-Income Housing Project Santa Monica, CA

From Residential Architect Magazine by Cheryl Weber

After scrutinizing 26th Street, a judge offered the highest praise an architect of low-income housing could hope to hear: “It’s one of the best projects we’ve seen, period, and the fact that it’s affordable is amazing.”
The judges applauded the way the large, bold façade breaks down to human scale. The warm brown clapboard siding, checkerboard pattern of shaded balconies, and colorful side walls make all residents feel like they have their own house. (continued here)

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Pico Veteran

November 10, 2010

Concepts In Color’s current project  “Pico Veteran” Exterior painting in West Los Angeles.

Pico Veteran

Interior and exterior painting is where Concepts In Color has earned a reputation for the best in quality and service. Our staff of full-time professional painters has provided homes and businesses in West Los Angeles with beautiful, long lasting paint jobs, completed on schedule, and done right the first time, every time.

Award Winning 26th Street Low Income Housing project

November 4, 2010

Concepts In Color Exterior Painting: The 26th Street Low Income Housing project thoroughly integrates a sustainable approach with high caliber Modernist design, effectively challenging the paradigm for affordable urban housing.

Located in Santa Monica, California, the project— won both an AIA National Honor Award and an AIA National Housing Award.

Enhancing views plays a substantial part in tending to the experience of the residents. By framing views with scaled overhangs and carefully sculpted edges, the design offers the urban dwellers the promise of nature. The numerous open spaces throughout the project fulfill that promise.

Paying reverence to California Modernist legend Irving Gill, a courtyard exalts the communal space, culminating in a perforated mesh-wrapped sculptural staircase that draws the eye upward toward the open sky. The elevator opens onto large weather protected exterior communal areas that offer impressive views of the city. The courtyard doubles as a small park, with planters, seating areas, and a children’s play structure.


The colors of the street-front balconies are repeated on solid panels that rhythmically divide the open corridors railings that ring this light filled space. These colors provide delightfully personalized identifiers for apartment entries. Again, mass is broken by the use of color and by setting the front doors back—which also provides a transition space between public and private zones.

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Concepts In Color Projects

October 21, 2010

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